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NEW!!! See our new selection of mTOR and PI3K inhibitors. NEW!!!

Chemdea is a provider of extremely low cost ligands and life science reagents to researchers all over the world.

Our products are offered at a fraction of the prices typically seen in other life science supplier catalogs like EMD Biosciences, Tocris, Cayman Chemical, or Enzo Life Sciences. In fact we challenge you to find a better price anywhere, even from small internet based suppliers! We make it possible by manufacturing all products ourselves, focusing on a more narrow range of products and keeping the marketing costs at minimum.

Of course, the quality of our products is just as good as or better than reagents offered by other suppliers. All our ligands are manufactured buy us! The quality is rigorously checked by NMR, HPLC and elemental analysis.

All products listed in our catalog are in stock and ready to be shipped from USA. They can be delivered within 1-2 days from your order.

We are a growing business and appreciate you new product suggestions!